TONETO キャンピングフィールド水上



Camp field located at the head of the Tonegawa River

日本一の流域面積を誇る利根川の水源域に近い、キャンプフィールド 。“TONETO” というネーミングは”利根と”楽しむという想いを込めており、利根川の豊かな自然やアクティビティを楽しむ場所がコンセプトである。川へ下っていく自然の地形を生かしながら、おおらかな段々地形を整備、多様な屋外環境を作り出したコンテナを利用したレセプション・管理棟や清潔な水廻り設備、グランピング棟、オートキャンプ場を兼ね備える。
Campfield is located near the headwaters of the Tone River, which boasts the largest basin area in Japan. The name "TONETO" has the idea of ​​enjoying "with Tone", and the concept is a place where you can enjoy the rich nature and activities of the Tone River. While taking advantage of the natural topography that descends to the river, it has a reception/administration building that uses containers that create a diverse outdoor environment, a clean water facility, a glamping building, and an auto campground.
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Client: Hidenori Higaki

Total design direction: tono Inc.

Camp area Planning : Wonder Wanderers Inc.

Copywriting : white note Inc.

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