Sumu Yakushima

Sumu Yakushima

人が住めば住むほど自然が澄むRegenerative Life Studio

Regenerative architecture which enriches the nature

日本列島の南に位置する屋久島は年間を通じて雨が多く、約2000mの高い山と、樹齢1000年を超える杉の森がある、自然豊かな島である。 Sumuは「人が住むほどに自然が澄んでいく」という自然と人との共生をコンセプトにした実験住宅である。 建築敷地単体で考えるのではなく、山から海への流域全体を俯瞰し、人が自然の循環に関与し、自然をより豊かにするRegenerative Architecture(環境再生建築)を構築した。建築行為が自然をよりポジティブにできるという、逆転の発想を体験できる場所である。 ●2022年WOOD DESIGN AWARD
Yakushima Island is a natural paradise in southern Japan where abundant rainfall onto 2,000-meter peaks nurtures dense forests home to millennium-old Japanese cedar. This innovative housing co-op applies "regenerative architecture" to reconceptualize the relationship between human habitation and this nature. The name Sumu means both "to live" and "to become clear," expressing its core concept of living in a way that positively impacts the landscape. Rather than being a discrete site, the design takes a holistic view of the entire river basin, from the mountains to the sea, making a positive contribution to natural processes.
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Yuki Imamura[Environmental consultant]Moss Guide Club

Masayoshi Takeuchi [Architect, Energy consultant] ENERGY MACHIZUKURI-SHA INC.

Tomonari Waku [Architect, Landscape consultant] WAKUWORKS

Hisaki Kato [Lighting designer] Hisaki Kato Lighting & Design Inc.

Ben Nagaoka [Furniture design collaborator] POINT Inc.

Rui Nishi[Photographer]

Hinako Kimoto[Photographer]

Wataru Aoyama [Photographer]


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